Wavefront Customised Treatments

At Central Sydney Eye Surgeons, we use the most advanced technology, allowing customised treatments for each individual eye. At CSES we use wavefront technology to personalise your treatment plan to achieve the most precise results possible.

Wavefront analysis detects not only the refractive sphere and cylinder found in the spectacle prescription, but also other irregularities termed “Higher order aberrations” that cannot be corrected with spectacles. These higher order aberrations limit the best vision that can be achieved with spectacles – the greater their magnitude, the harder it becomes to correct the vision with spectacles. The SCHWIND diagnostic devices accurately measure these high order aberrations, which may exist in both the cornea and the crystalline lens and produce a laser treatment that is uniquely tailored to each individual eye. Wavefront data can reveal even the smallest uneven locations on the cornea and is comparable to a detailed elevation map.

Combining this ocular wavefront data with the refraction and the patient’s refractive history, a specific treatment profile can be formulated with an aim to improve the best corrected vision along with the uncorrected vision. This means it is possible that vision after a wavefront guided treatment may be better than it was with spectacles alone. This type of treatment often benefits patients with scarring on the corneal surface among other things that cause corneal irregularities.