Trans PRK is a surface procedure to the eye, which allows refractive adjustments of the cornea.

Combined with the Smart pulse technology on the SCHWIND AMARIS excimer laser, the treatment offers unique technology that significantly speeds healing and provides good quality vision immediately after the treatment.

Throughout the treatment, the eye is tracked in 6 dimensions, in real time compensating for all small movements of the eye.

Local anaesthesia in the form of eye drops is used during the procedure, a mild oral sedative is offered.

During PRK surgery, an excimer laser removes the epithelium then remodels the cornea based on the refractive error programmed into the laser. A temporary contact lens is insitu for a few days to aid the healing process and comfort post operatively until the epithelium grows back and is removed in 3-4 days time.

Generally, patients need a week off work after the procedure.

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